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Actuation Design for Improved Performance of Micro Devices

Improves Micro Speakers, Microvalves and Micropumps by Providing More Power

This miniature mechanical movement design uses electromagnetic transduction to improve the performance of micro devices. This design improves upon existing mechanical movement schemes by offering lower energy consumption, increased power, and greater efficiency. As devices become smaller and product lines utilizing micro movements are expanded, this technology enables an improved design for miniaturized mechanical movement that fulfills a growing need. Using magnetic energy to power micro mechanical movements allows for smaller scale miniaturization to occur and can be implemented using existing micro manufacturing technology. This technology is particularly well-suited to improve upon microvalve, micropump and micro speaker technology that is commonly found in cell phones.



Improved miniaturized mechanical movement design for improving performance of a wide array of micro devices including: Micro Speaker Technology, Micropumps, and Mircrovalves



  • Improves micro device efficiency by providing increased power while using less energy
  • Produces a smaller scale device over existing mechanical movement designs, improving miniaturization potential and providing a competitive advantage
  • Provides a low voltage micro device, improving the safety of end user products
  • Can be utilized with existing micro manufacturing technology minimizing set up and production costs


This technology operates by proposing a novel design approach to electromagnetic actuation. The device operates as a microscale electromagnetic transducer that uses integrated micromagnets to induce actuation through electrical conductors. It includes a fixed main body and deformable membrane or displaceable piston member. A plurality of magnets providing magnetic flux to a plurality of coil conductor elements evenly distribute the actuation force over the membrane or piston member. Electromagnetic actuators can be produced using standard, existing microfabrication techniques such as silicon etching and electroplating.

Patent Information:
App Type: Patent No.: Patent Status:
ORD/UTIL 8,581,678 Issued