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Software that Uses Individual Performance Targets to Evaluate Employees More Fairly

Considers Shift Time, Types of Clients, Caseload and Other Variables to Analyze Employee Performance

This performance analysis software provides an evaluation framework and customizable performance metrics to assist hospital emergency rooms, medical clinics, and other organizations in evaluating employees. With the growth of clinics and other businesses comes greater demand for a better performing workforce. The performance analytics market will be worth $2.59 billion by 2021. Existing performance assessments for emergency department physicians, for instance, largely evaluate employees through purely objective means, such as the number of patients served or tests ordered per hour. However, these factors are outside of an employee’s control and often results in a measurement of categories unrelated to their actual performance and impact the overall review and comparison of employees.

Researchers at the University of Florida have developed a performance analytics tool that uses a data preparation algorithm and a web-based reporting application to account for extraneous factors and better evaluate employee performance against more accurate benchmarks. For medical professionals, the algorithm factors in important variables, such as caseload and type, to normalizes an employee’s performance metrics, which leads to more realistic analysis of the metrics needed to measure the employee’s ability and make decisions during reviews.



Employee performance analytics software that normalizes relevant, individualized job targets through an algorithm and web-based reporting for more accurate reviews



  • Inputs data constantly throughout the day, letting employees see, in near-real time, their performance and targets compared to coworkers
  • Accounts for external factors using customizable performance metrics, allowing for more accurate evaluations of employees
  • Compares caseload and case type to performance, normalizing metrics to better compare employees for compensation-based work


This performance analytics tool generates employee performance reports for medical clinics, hospitals and businesses using a data algorithm and a web-based reporting application. The software accounts for variables that are specifically relevant to the job, which normalizes the results. An original algorithm merges the data sources, creating personalized targets for employees in each metric. By comparing employees’ performance to their targets, the algorithm creates an accurate evaluation of performance in any metric.

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