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iPhone App that Helps Patient to Adhere to Complex Medication Regimens

Improves Organization and Enhances Compliance with Medication Schedule

This iPhone app can help users be compliant with complex medication regimens. Mobile health apps allow individuals constant access to tools that increase their wellness, and the market for these health apps is expected to reach $500 million by 2017. Individuals who take precise dosages of medications at scheduled intervals, such as patients with Parkinson’s disease, struggle to stay on track with the daily dosing regimen and prescription combinations. Therefore, caretakers for these individuals, and the individuals themselves, have to implement this difficult regimen with their own scheduling system or one of the rudimentary medicine scheduling applications available in the market.

Researchers at the University of Florida have developed a mobile app that allows the user to schedule complex medication regimens in an intuitive and dependable way. The application allows users to input medications and add descriptions, pictures, dosage requirements, and recurring reminders for every medication. The application also requires users to specify whether a specific medication was “taken” or “not taken” at the scheduled time of ingestion, which encourages compliance among medication users.



Mobile app that organizes medication regimen for individuals with complex medication schedules



  • Encourages medication compliance with medication “taken” function
  • Exports a PDF of medication schedule for use by caretaker or doctor
  • Reminds user when it is time to take medication
  • Gives user a high level of customization and organization for each individual medicine


This mobile app is designed to assist individuals who have frequent and complex medication regimens. Its primary function is to allow users to input custom descriptions of every medication they must take and enter these into a scheduling interface. This helps to identify the correct dosages at the correct times, along with reminding the user of any substances/foods to take or avoid with the medication. Additional functions include the ability to supplement medication descriptions with custom photos and icons, and the ability to export a PDF of a user’s medication schedule. The application also encourages medication compliance by requiring the user to indicate whether or not they have taken a medication at the specified time of compliance.

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