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Laparoscopic Surgical Instrument to Safely Remove Cancerous Tissue from the Abdomen

Allows Surgical Removal Through Minimally Invasive Procedures While Reducing the Risk of Spillage

This laparoscopic surgical instrument reduces the risk of tissue spillage and infection during the removal of solid or cystic pelvic masses from the abdomen, allowing surgeons to perform safe tissue removal through a minimally invasive incision. Laparoscopy has continued to revolutionize abdominal surgery for over 30 years, and surgeons perform 15 million laparoscopic surgical operations worldwide each year. Compared to open surgery, laparoscopic surgery is less painful, causes minimal scarring, and reduces recovery time. In one common application of laparoscopic surgery, surgeons remove potentially malignant pelvic masses from the abdomen using an endocatch surgical bag. If the bag ruptures during tissue removal, the tumorous contents may spill into the abdomen and cause serious harm to the patient through infection or the spread of cancer cells. Available laparoscopic systems do not adequately protect against tissue spillage during minimally invasive tissue removal.

Researchers at the University of Florida have developed a laparoscopic tissue removal system that increases the safety of minimally invasive surgical procedures. The surgical instrument successfully removes pelvic masses, eliminates the need for a large incision, and reduces the risk of potentially malignant tissue spilling into the patient.



Laparoscopic tool to remove pelvic masses through a minimally invasive incision, while protecting against harmful tissue spillage



  • Incorporates a morcellator specific to the design of a secure self-retaining containment bag, inhibiting bag rupturing to avoid spillage of cut tissues into the abdomen
  • Employs a multi-layered containment bag able to hold an indicator, supporting visual signaling to the surgeon of compromised bag integrity
  • Facilitates pelvic mass removal through a small incision, ensuring swift patient recovery
  • Enhances minimally invasive surgery and improves patient outcomes, aiding today’s advanced surgeons and surgical oncologists


This laparoscopic tissue removal system includes an adaptive sleeve, a containment reservoir, and a tissue manipulation device. The containment reservoir encloses the piece of tissue removed by the manipulation device during the procedure, and the tissue undergoes morcellation within the reservoir if necessary. The containment reservoir is attached to the adaptive sleeve, preventing spillage of the tissue. The system may also incorporate an indicator within the layers of the containment reservoir that allows the surgeon to visually assess its condition and provide an additional layer of protection for the patient undergoing the tissue removal surgery.

Patent Information:
App Type: Patent No.: Patent Status:
ORD/UTIL 10,206,667 Issued