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Nanocomposite Magnetic Cores for Advanced Manufacturing of High Performance Inductors and Transformers

Increases the Performance of the Power Electronic Components Used in Computing, Communication, Image Processing, Wireless/Mobile, Cloud, and Other Electronic Devices

These nanocomposite materials, formed using unique nanoscale magnetic powder processing methods, boost electronic system performance by enhancing the soft magnetic cores of magnetic inductors and transformers used in power converters. Specialized magnetic materials are essential for modern, high-performance power sub-systems. Available passive magnetic components, however, suffer from major limitations in size, efficiency, and power-density for power systems in the 10-1000 watt range. Until now, it has been difficult to produce and integrate high-performance magnetic materials using manufacturing processes that are compatible with wafer/semiconductor or printed-circuit-board manufacturing methods.

Researchers at the University of Florida have developed novel processes to manufacture and integrate nanocomposite magnetic materials, solving the long-standing problem. The approach involves batch-fabrication of soft ferromagnetic cores from nanoscale magnetic powders using scalable, low-temperature processes. The method facilitates manufacturing of inductors and transformers with core dimensions ranging from ~100 nanometers to ~10 millimeters. These nanocomposite magnetic cores enable high permeability and magnetic saturation with low core loss, while maintaining compatibility with existing batch-manufacturing processes. The passive component industry is projected to reach $21.7 billion in 2013, with magnetic components alone generating $1.2 billion.



New magnetic materials that allow for easier, less expensive production of high-performance inductors and transformers



  • Allows for the development of lighter-weight, higher-performance products, making the powders superior to traditional magnetic components
  • Provides compatibility with existing batch-fabrication methods, removing a barrier to widespread adoption
  • Enables production of higher efficiency and better quality inductors and transformers, offering a competitive advantage


University of Florida researchers have synthesized high-performance, composite soft magnetic core materials using a bottom-up approach. Unique magnetic compositions have explored with tailored sizes, shapes, and magnetic properties. The researchers have successfully used these methods to batch-manufacture ferromagnetic core structures with thickness ranging from 100 nanometers to 10 micrometers. The method offers opportunity to create unique magnetic properties by combining multiple exchange-coupled magnetic materials.

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