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Safe, Alternative Use of Anesthetic to Treat Low Testosterone

Enhances Endogenous Testosterone Production in Men with Age- or Disease-Related Hypogonadism

This treatment for low testosterone uses a general anesthetic in low, sedative concentrations to improve long-term natural testosterone production in males. Male hypogonadism is a state of low circulating testosterone that causes many physical and mental symptoms. Certain genetic or congenital diseases, testicular injuries, and simply aging can lead to deficient levels of testosterone. Analysts expect the highly competitive global market for testosterone replacement therapy to be worth $1.4 billion in 2024. More than 80 percent of men abandon testosterone treatments after just one year. Available testosterone replacement therapies involve increasing testosterone levels exogenously through topical gels and patches, intravenous injections, or subcutaneous implants. Gels and patches require regular application and can harm women or children who might contact men wearing them. Likewise, injections and implants can be painful, invasive, and highly inconvenient.

Researchers at the University of Florida have developed an approach using a general anesthetic in low, sedative concentrations that increases endogenous testosterone production in males. The non-invasive, safe treatment may improve low testosterone conditions owing to disease or injury and relieve age-related testosterone deficiency.



Sevoflurane vapor that increases serum levels of testosterone



  • Increases natural testosterone production, providing lasting treatment for a range of clinical conditions
  • Administered without gels, patches, injections or implants, improving testosterone levels safely, efficiently, and non-invasively
  • Does not hurt fertility, increasing attractiveness over other testosterone therapies


This low dosage of sevoflurane in vapor form increases systemic levels of testosterone. The treatment does not supplement exogenous testosterone, but rather augments the endogenous production of testosterone in a subject through inhalation of a compound containing sevoflurane, a safe and FDA-approved general anesthetic. Animal data confirms an increase in serum level of testosterone by approximately 70 percent for more than 3 months compared to controls and demonstrates no obvious effects on fertility and reproduction.

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